In a recent article by The Stage, Lyn Gardner wrote that attending higher education in the arts is more about enriching your life than impacting you financially, stating that ‘access to the arts and participatory arts activity has a positive impact on well-being, but also makes us more empathetic as individuals.”

As Richard Eyre has observed: “The arts enable us to put ourselves in the minds, eyes, ears and hearts of other human beings.”

That’s why at BRICTT, we create an environment that is nurturing and catered to you as an individual. We also want you to know exactly what you get for your money when it comes to financing your degree. Here are the benefits of choosing BRICTT as your place of study:


  • Get taught by an impressive institute of industry professionals
    We host a league of professional tutors with years of experience, who continue to work in the industry. From West End and Broadway stars, TV and film actors and directors, to professional singers and prestigious dancers, you will learn from the best in the business.



  • High contact hours
    With 31 contact hours a week, you’ll get the most out of your time here at BRICTT. You’ll also get special access to our studio space outside of these contact hours.



  • Specialise in your area
    As you progress at BRICTT, you will learn a great deal about yourselves and about your strengths and weaknesses. Our unique provision of pathways for you to choose from, alongside your core training, means that your can deepen your skills in areas you would like to focus on.



  • Choose from extra classes each week
    You get to choose from a selection of options on top of your key classes. These workshops target specific areas, giving you an opportunity to explore elements that deepen and expand on the core training. These classes include Circus Skills, Puppetry, Acting for Television, Stand-up Comedy, Opera Jazz, Heels Commercial, Agency and Casting work and so much more.



  • Performance and work opportunities Throughout your studies you will receive many opportunities to be a part of productions and work inside and outside of BRICTT, such as Fringe performances, dance shows and events. Alongside this, our partnership with local colleges Brighton Film School and BIMM means you’ll also have opportunities to take part in short films and music video projects.



  • Smaller class sizes
    No matter what the size of the year group our classes will always be streamed to no more than 15 per group. Meaning everybody gets looked after and classes are intimate, creating a more nurturing learning environment.



  • 1:1 tutorials in every subject area
    These tutorials allow you to tailor your learning experience to suit your needs, whether you need extra help in a specific area or want extra learning, our tutors and staff are always there for you.



  • Mental resilience training
    We offer our training professionals daily bespoke sessions revolving around mindfulness, strategic intervention and meditation. Equipping you with strategies to cope when things don’t go smoothly.





  • Be a part of a unique family
    Our mindful ethos means we focus on you as an individual, as well creating an environment that is nurturing, welcoming and comforting. At BRICTT you’ll make friends and memories for life.







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