A BRICTT introduction

We would like to congratulate you on finding yourself at this point in your life, making the decision to invest in high-end performing arts training at the Brighton Institute for Contemporary Theatre Training (BRICTT), with the vision of working as a professional.

In our experience, we believe that there are four crucial skills required to become a respected working professional – We will endeavour to ensure that you fufill your potential in these areas, as well as gain all the insider knowledge you need to succeed:

As well as this, you will gain..

Training: Talent has to be nurtured by professionals working in the industry today. Their experience and knowledge of contemporary practices will inform and develop your natural ability. You’ll be working with some of the best instructors in the country who will provide you with the techniques and skills that we know will get you hired.

Work ethic: You need to be a person that people want to work with and employ. This industry is a very tight network. Successful performers have the ability to read a room, know how to handle themselves, how to be respectful, how to work hard with no complaints and, most importantly, have no ego. Stories, both good and bad, travel quickly and your reputation is built upon how hard you work to perfect your art and how professional you are to work with.

Life skills: The actor’s secret weapons are a strong mind, self-respect and quiet self-confidence. Everyone has a job to do. You are a cog in that wheel and you are as important as everybody else in the industry. Understanding yourself and respecting yourself as your own business is paramount to your future ability to succeed.

These attributes are crucial to your success and they are the rock upon which BRICTT is built. We are looking forward to meeting you and helping you to break into the industry fully equipped to earn a living and enjoy a long and happy career. We think Brighton is the best city in the UK to be a student and we know you’ll cherish this journey for the rest of your life!