Why Choose BRICTT?

Why should you choose to study with BRICTT?

  • Our industry contacts
  • Our faculty of well known top professionals
  • Our specialised approach to life coaching and mindfulness
  • Our collaboration with BIMM, the Europe’s most connected music college
  • Our collaboration and interaction with a film school
  • Our live performance and professional opportunities.


We are an accredited degree course, and so we can open our doors to talent, not just people that can afford private vocational training.

Our aim is to present the industry with individuals who are not only talented and professionally trained, but also well-equipped both physically and mentally to face the inevitable challenges they will encounter as they break into the business.

This unique program therefore includes topics that are not generally seen on a performing arts training curriculum; physical fitness, professional development, business skills, self-assessment accountancy, entrepreneurial skills, money management, nutrition, time management, life coaching and well-being. We believe these skills will give students the confidence and help they need to face the rigours of employment in this competitive industry.

During the three years of training at BRICTT performance will take centre stage, and students will have the chance to work with current and progressive industry professionals: directors, choreographers, musical directors, designers and technicians. Each year students will perform in a wide cross section of digital (show reel, short films, pop videos) and theatrical productions (musical theatre, dance pieces, plays), culminating in an Industry Showcase where graduates will perform to agents, casting directors and producers in the heart of London’s West End.

Students will also be pushed to develop their own work and individual style, with Brighton’s eclectic arts scene and England’s largest Fringe Festival, numerous platforms for showcasing work are available. With strong ties to BIMM music and production students, and local film schools, BRICTT will also have the unique opportunities to collaborate with the country’s up and coming music and film makers and artists.