The Brictt Trinity

Dance. Act. Sing.

DANCE:  Move 

LEARN: Start by grounding yourself in the core techniques of dance; ballet, tap, dance tech and body conditioning developing to an intermediate level. Explore and practise commercial and contemporary and industry leading styles.

APPLY: Take all you have learnt so far and then intensify your training. Choreograph, collaborate, perform and venture into the many facets of the dance performance world.

PERFECT: Practice what you preach, gear yourself up for your professional career, work with renowned choreographers performing on stage, in music videos and film.

ACT:   Be

LEARN: Be brave, get out of your own head, be confident enough to make incredible decisions, explore, analyse and improvise, be open to suggestion and criticism. Apply Stanislavsky into everything across the training. Delve into text analysis and character study.

APPLY: Move beyond the 4th wall look at communicating and relationships with the audience. Tackle Shakespeare and other practitioners work in class and onstage. Practise film and TV technique, act in front of a camera, learn script, film and editing.

PERFECT: Use everything you have learnt, prepare for auditions, film show reels. Work and collaborate with directors, take wing in numerous performances.

SING:  Vocalise

LEARN: Concentrate on how the voice works, breath support and health, training in Estill method. Build confidence in solo and group classes, achieve and explore in one to one classes. Tackle repertoire, choral, harmony, acting and anatomy.  Sharpen your theory knowledge and take keyboard classes.

APPLY: Embed the skills learnt so far and use industry standard software for composition and part writing.

PERFECT: Be well equipped  as you take all your training and preparation into practice for the industry. Showcase your voice in a range of performances from studio recordings to fully staged concerts and shows.