Industry Partners

We’re incredibly proud of all that we offer here at BRICTT. But we know it wouldn’t be possible without the outstanding support we receive from our industry partners.

From the professional offerings of our highly respected education providers, to the endorsements and opportunities our students receive from some of the world’s most prestigious entertainment brands, we know each and every one of them plays a major role in all that BRICTT stands for.

Our partners

As one of 46 Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG) venues, the Theatre Royal Brighton showcases the best West End touring productions from the UK every year. ATG is amongst the most prolific theatre producers in the world, with co-productions across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.. At BRICTT, we’ll have access to the Theatre Royal Brighton’s 952-capacity theatre to showcase our talent throughout the academic year, and a direct line to other venues within the group.

As a student of BRICTT preparing to work in the entertainment industry, you will be eligible to join Equity as a Student Member. Equity is the UK trade union for professional performers and creative practitioners and is an indispensable resource in the industry today. Equity’s services include insurance, career support and professional development – all with members interests firmly at its heart. For more information visit