Being a performer is built into some of us from birth, while others take a little work and dedication to bring the natural performer out from within. Here are some industry secrets which will guide you towards becoming the best performer you can be.


It’s all in the eyes

The eyes are the focal point of any expression you behold on stage. When expressing an emotion in a performance, think about your eyes – see and feel it! A good way to put this into practice is to try out different emotions and expressions in front of a mirror at home.


You’re never alone

When on stage or in a performance, you’re never alone. Always remember to engage with your audience, whether it’s in front of your classmates or a whole auditorium full of people, and project your energy to everybody around you.


Never forget WHY

When it comes to performing, your passion is your drive. Whether you’re feeling nervous before you go on stage, or are just having a down day, remind yourself why you perform and where your passion comes from.


You CAN do it!

Confidence is not just a personality trait, it’s something that can be obtained through perseverance and dedication towards improving yourself. It can be very difficult to switch off the negative voice in your head when you do something wrong or feel down about yourself, but over time, you can learn to turn these negative thoughts into positive ones. If you’re constantly telling yourself that you CAN do it, then eventually you will!

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