Facilities at BRICTT

Industry-standard equipment at your fingertips

At BRICTT, our facilities are second to none.

It is said that someone needs 10,000 hours of practice to become perfect. At BRICTT we give the students the ability to do just that. BRICTT is purpose built to supply the best possible learning to students and the facilities in which training takes place is no different. BRICTT is hosted at Bird Studios in central Brighton. Purpose built for the highest standard of performing arts training, Bird Studios contains six large studios with sprung dance floors, full length mirrors and sound systems and a 99 seater studio theatre. The idea is to create a professional environment where the students can craft their art to the best of their ability. Sub-par facilities are a non-existent entity; at BRICTT we train as we mean to perform.

As well as class time, student have unfettered access to the studios for free private hire from Monday – Sunday, 9am to 10pm. This gives the students the ability to hone their skills at any time of day or night, as a group or as an individual. At BRICTT, we understand that collaboration is key to building essential skills and the creative process and how important the quality of the environment effects student’s thinking.