February - June 2017

BRICTT students have a sense of why they want to be a performer; they have commitment, flexibility, passion, dedication, curiosity, discipline, courage, and imagination.  Determined, creative performers with the drive to achieve, they are individuals with vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and they have the skills to make their own work, as well as to be a performer for hire.




Audition Requirements

Please prepare:

  • Two contrasting songs from the musical theatre repertoire. One must be from before 1965.
  • Two contrasting monologues, one contemporary.
  • Candidates will also take part in a dance class which will include a warm up, stretches and corner exercises.


The day will end with an interview with the Course Principal, Course Leader and Heads of Departments.

Please note:

Monologues must;

  • Last no longer than two minutes each
  • Be from published plays and not be poems, novels, films or television scripts
  • Involve a character chosen from your own gender and close to your own age
  • One must be performed in your native accent


Songs must;

  • Be learnt in full but be prepared to only sing for 2 minutes.
  • Be performed in the key in which the music is written (the accompanist will not transpose into a different key).
  • Give you the opportunity to act through them.
  • Not be from a classical repertoire (this includes opera)


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